How It Works

With Maxol’s Carbon Neutral Programme, you can entirely neutralise your environmental impact simply by filling up with Premium fuel.

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Fill up with our 100% offset Premium fuel

Simply choose Maxol Premium fuel
when you fill up

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We offset 100% of your emissions

We offset your emissions through
investments in certified carbon offset projects

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Together we support the island of Ireland

We support initiatives to better the environment

What is a certified carbon offset?

A certified carbon offset represents the reduction, destruction, or capture of one metric ton of carbon dioxide (CO2e) emissions. We purchase offsets across a variety of global carbon offset projects to neutralise your environmental impact.

Global Projects

Maxol’s Carbon Neutral Programme supports carbon reduction projects around the world to offset your vehicle’s emissions.

Buccleuch Estates Project
  • Wester Coshieville – New Native Woodland

    Scotland - Highland Perthshire, nr. Aberfeldy
    Project Details
    CGN Inner Mongolia Zhurihe Wind Farm
    Alternative Energy
  • Wind
  • wind turbines in the fields
    Alternative Energy
  • Wind
  • Saint Nikola Wind Farm

    Municipality of Kavarna, Bulgaria
    Project Details
    Uluabat Hydroelectric Power Plant
    Alternative Energy
  • Hydroelectirc
  • Wayang Windu Geothermal Power
    Alternative Energy
  • Geothermal
  • Jari_Pará REDD+ Project
  • Jari/Pará REDD+ Project

    Amazon Forest (Pará State, Brazil)
    Project Details
    Hyundai Steel Waste Energy Cogeneration
  • Renewable Energy
  • Clean Cookstoves Mali Project
    Energy Efficiency
  • Our promise to you

    Our projects meet standards developed and maintained by industry recognised third-party organisations. Once certified carbon offset projects are invested in, they are verified and added to public registries maintained by global third-party organisations.

    Fuels you can trust

    Maxol is committed to providing environmentally friendly fuels across its entire network. Now that commitment has expanded with the launch of our new 100% offset Premium fuel.

    Global Projects

    Maxol’s Carbon Neutral Programme supports carbon reduction projects around the world to offset your vehicle emissions.

    Community Impact

    Working together with local nonprofit partners throughout Ireland, we protect the environment for generations to come.