Frequently Asked Questions

Carbon Neutral Programme

For every litre of Maxol Premium fuel you pump, we automatically neutralise your exhaust emissions. You can effectively balance out your carbon footprint simply by choosing Maxol Premium fuel. Plus, you are supporting tree plantings throughout Ireland and our local communities.

Simply choose Maxol Premium fuel, and we offset 100% of your exhaust emissions through investments in certified carbon offset projects and support initiatives to better the environment.

You don’t have to do anything extra to participate and there’s no additional cost. Simply fill up with Maxol Premium fuel, and the Carbon Neutral Programme will neutralise your emissions through certified carbon offset projects.

For each litre of the Premium fuel sold at Maxol service stations, we calculate the carbon dioxide emissions emitted using factors from the EIA, EPA, and other reputable institutions.


A certified carbon offset is a certificate representing the reduction, destruction or capture of one metric ton of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Carbon offsets are produced by certified carbon reduction projects. These projects must follow strict guidelines established by internationally recognised standards in order to generate certified carbon offsets.

Carbon offsets are purchased to negate a CO2 equivalent emission. Offsets are certified and exchanged, much like stocks, via one of the officially recognised carbon registries such as Gold Standard, Climate Action Reserve and Verified Carbon Standard.

A certified carbon reduction project is a project specifically designed to reduce, capture or destroy greenhouse gases that would otherwise be emitted into the atmosphere. An example is a renewable energy project, like a wind farm.

There are many different types of carbon offset projects that avoid, reduce, destroy, or capture the emission of greenhouse gases. Project types include renewable energy, such as wind farms, biomass energy, or hydroelectric dams. Others include energy efficiency projects, the destruction of industrial pollutants or agricultural byproducts, greenhouse gas abatement, zero till cropping, destruction of landfill methane, and forestry projects.

The Carbon Neutral Programme is attested annually by a big 4 accounting firm and all certified carbon offset projects adhere to stringent international registries and carbon standards.


Through our partnership with the Trees on the Land Initiative, Maxol is planting 10,000 trees in partnership with the Trees on the Land Initiative, a cross-border initiative that works to establish young native trees across the island of Ireland.

The 10,000 trees will be additional to and not counted toward Maxol’s carbon offset projects that neutralise your emissions. These trees are Maxol’s way of going above and beyond their commitment to offset their customers’ carbon footprint. You can think of the trees’ environmental benefit as a bonus, since it is not counted toward our carbon offsetting process.

Trees are planted across the island of Ireland. Our tree planting map is being updated with 2020 planting sites to align with our current planting and will be available to view again shortly. Check back for updates from our Fall 2020 planting season.

Trees on the Land buys native Irish-grown trees of certified Irish seed provenance for our woodland, hedging, coppice, agroforestry and reforestation projects and works with young forestry whips as their size enables easy handling and planting along with excellent establishment rates.

Common Species: Downy Birch, Common Alder, Oak (sessile & pedunculate), Scots Pine, Hazel, Rowan, Crab Apple, Hawthorn & Blackthorn.

They also plant a variety of fruit and nut trees as well as rare species when possible. Rare tree species must be Irish grown and of certified Irish seed provenance.