Wayang Windu Phase 2 Geothermal Power Project

Pangalengan, West Java, Indonesia

Wayang Windu Phase 2 Geothermal Power Project is a grid-connected geothermal power station located in Wayang Windu, 40km south of Bandung in West Java, Indonesia. It is part of the largest geothermal power station in Indonesia. The 117MW turbine is connected to a generator which produces and sends electricity to the Jamali Electricity Grid Network. The plant uses flash steam technology, with the steam generating electricity by driving the turbine directly. The steam is produced at more than 300°C, and contains virtually no pollutant gasses or CO2.

Project Type:

Alternative Energy

Estimated Annual Reduction:

794,832 mt CO2e/year



Supported UN Sustainable Development Goals:

UN SDG icon UN SDG icon

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