Hitting the 500 Tree Mark during National Tree Week 2021

For Maxol, keeping an eye on the environment means exploring all the different ways they can help work for cleaner air. While Maxol provides 100% carbon offset for customers of our Premium fuel, the Carbon Neutral Programme is just one way to care for the world around us. 

Through our support of  Crann – Trees for Ireland, Maxol set out to meet a tree planting goal. Through the Easy Treesie Project, the number to reach was 500. 

Today, Maxol is happy to share the success of reaching this goal.

Enhancing Dublin Parks

The 500 native trees, sponsored by Maxol, included oak, alder, and birch. Throughout National Tree Week, organised in March of 2021, these trees were planted at Stonebridge Park, within the Dublin suburb of Shankill.

According to Crann, this support will help “spread the love of trees to people enjoying their local park, as well as  in academic institutions and schools. ”

Increasing the number of trees for everyone

The Easy Treesie – Crann Project is working to plant one million trees for Ireland’s one million school children and their communities by 2023. This project answers a call some years ago by “Plant-for-the-Planet” founder, Felix Finkbeiner for children in each country of the world to organise to plant a million trees. Maxol’s contribution feeds into this total. 

Continuing work will include a study by a Trinity College, Dublin undergraduate Environmental Studies student whose fieldwork and research will help ascertain the survival rate of newly-planted trees as well as their contribution to biodiversity. A preliminary site visit was made in May to check on the trees sponsored by Maxol under the supervision of a Crann Director. 

The trees were planted this year by local community volunteers and school children with the support of the local authority. 

Committing to the environment

The 500 trees planted in partnership with the Easy Treesie Project are just a small portion of Maxol’s overall commitment to putting more trees into Ireland’s soil. The Trees on Land Initiative will lead to the planting of 10,000 trees as part of the Maxol initiative. You can even dedicate your own tree to show your support for Maxol’s environmental work.

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