Maxol and TCV Kick Off Tree Planting at Northern Ireland Nursery

Partnering with The Conservation Volunteers (TCV), Maxol CEO Brian Donaldson, TCV Tree Nursery Senior Project Officer, Kausalya Gibson, and a group of young volunteers spent the day at the organisation’s Tree Nursery in Northern Ireland. During their time there the group planted and learned about the environmental benefits of the native Irish willow.

While white oak is often recognised as a more carbon-absorbing tree species, the Irish Willow is another native tree to note when it comes to pulling harmful elements out of the air. Planting native willow trees can help improve biodiversity, encourage the survival of bees, provide students with a ready resource for STEM activities, and support ecosystems. Irish Willows soak up carbon, and even provide bank stabilisation in flood risk areas.

Brian Donaldson, CEO, the Maxol Group, Kausalya Gibson, TCV Tree Nursery Senior Project Officer and TCV young volunteers, Casey (8) and Freya (3) Turnbull pictured in the wheelbarrow and Sophie Quinn (6).

Work like this is part of a bigger initiative from Maxol, who has committed to planting 10,000 trees across the island of Ireland as part of their larger carbon emissions programme. Launched in conjunction with their Premium grade fuel, for each litre pumped, 100% of the carbon emissions are offset. This makes Maxol’s Premium a completely carbon offset fuel. Maxol’s Carbon Neutral Programme aims to support a number of green initiatives besides tree planting, which include supporting local and global projects designed to offset carbon emissions, especially where fuel is concerned.

Located within the Clandeboye Estate, TCV’s Native Tree Nursery helps people connect with a local green space that not only supports the environment, but also creates more accountability for how we treat our world. The organisation helps reduce their carbon footprint and preserve the genetic heritage of native trees.

The nursery is just one way local residents and businesses can get involved with TCV. Established in 1959, TCV is a leading charity within the UK for volunteerism. Their mission is to provide everyone an outlet to be actively involved in the environment. The Native Tree Nursery provides Northern Ireland with a chance to maintain and grow native Ulster provenance trees. They participate in the entire process of preserving these trees, including seed collecting, processing, stratifying, sowing, lining out, and planting trees in their forever home.

Our CEO, Brian Donaldson took time out to participate in today’s TCV activities to highlight Maxol’s commitment to the local community as well as the environment. By providing 100% carbon offset fuel and taking the time to support local and global environmental efforts, Maxol hopes to continue doing our part to make this world a better place for future generations.

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