Our Commitment to Planting 10,000 Trees

Imagine a brand new forest of trees. Not only is their shade welcoming and their very presence inviting to a whole new ecosystem, but they’re good for our environment. By being there, they are helping to absorb greenhouse gases and help reduce some of the damage to our environment.

Planting trees today has a great impact on our environment because trees have the special ability to cleanse our air. In fact, according to the Tree Council of Ireland, one 10-year-old evergreen absorbs 14 kilogrammes of carbon dioxide per year. That’s close to offsetting two full litres of fuel!

However, we want to make sure our efforts are as impactful as possible, as soon as possible. For that reason, our tree plantings are our way of going above and beyond our commitment to offset your carbon footprint. Think of them as an added perk for our planet, with our certified carbon offset projects doing the heavy lifting!

Getting the work done

Many organisations across the island of Ireland are making an impact, planting trees to beautify our lands and clean the atmosphere. As a company vested in caring for our community, we want to help too. We’ve committed to planting 10,000 trees to help make an impact on our environment. This is to help counter the effects of CO2 released by cars using our fuel. If one tree can offset almost two litres of fuel in a single year, and we’re talking about 10,000 trees, that means about 307 average-sized cars* will have their carbon emissions offset annually.

How do we plan to do this? To celebrate our 100th birthday, we’re launching a Carbon Neutral Programme. Tied to our new Premium grade fuel, for every litre pumped, 100% of the carbon emissions are offset through investments in certified carbon offset projects, as well as partnerships with local nonprofit organisations who take caring for the environment as seriously as we do.

Trees on the Land

One of our primary partners to help accomplish this is Trees on the Land. This cross-border initiative is establishing young, native trees across the island of Ireland. Working with farmers, community groups, schools, and clubs, this organisation establishes sites that can support healthy trees for the long haul, helping cleanse the air for years to come. To date, the nonprofit organisation has planted over one million trees in several thousand sites. Their dedication to creating tree cover and thriving woodland areas make them a perfect partner to find homes for our 10,000 trees.

Doing our atmosphere some good

Planting trees is a great way to help clean the air because of their natural ability to decrease the carbon footprint people create as they drive. They’re our environmental ally when it comes to fighting climate change because of how they interact with carbon dioxide. All trees naturally take CO2 and other pollutant particles out of the air and store it, never to be released again. Instead, trees exchange these harmful elements with oxygen, the element we all need to breathe. This helps clean the air and fights climate change by clearing the atmosphere. We have launched our Carbon Neutral Programme to help our environment thrive for future generations across the island of Ireland.

Accessing carbon neutral fuel

To learn more about how our carbon offsetting efforts work, please read more here. Keep a lookout for our new Premium fuel pumps as well as more information on how filling up with our fuel can help you have a cleaner, better functioning engine. We’ve already begun rolling out access to our 100% carbon neutral fuel, which will be available in 40 locations by 2021!

*Based on average tank size of 65 litres.

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Maxol is committed to providing environmentally friendly fuels across its entire network. In order to meet our environmental obligations, we use a variety of suppliers to source our petrol, diesel and their biofuel content. Now that commitment has expanded with the launch of our new 100% offset Premium fuel.

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