Canopy Update: Bailieborough and Athenry

Maxol’s goal to plant 10,000 trees across the island of Ireland is getting closer! 

Maxol’s work across the country means 10,000 new trees will eventually grow and work to pull carbon dioxide out of the air, helping keep things cleaner for generations to come.

These tree-planting efforts work in conjunction with Maxol’s Carbon Neutral Programme where, when you fill up with Premium fuel, 100% of your car’s emissions are offset. This is done through Maxol’s investment in certified carbon offset projects around the world.

Maxol makes big contributions

Although trees do play a role in permanently trapping CO2 from the atmosphere, they also have more immediate benefits for those living nearby. The addition of trees to any area provides more shade and shelter. It can enhance the overall quality of life and support biodiversity for local wildlife to thrive. Over time, air quality may improve, but the greenery often has a greater purpose. 

Here’s where Maxol’s tree planting efforts are currently at work.

Bailieborough Community Association Community Tree Planting Project

Maxol’s contribution of 5,000 trees to the Bailieborough Community Association means more trees in and around local schools, community green spaces, residential areas and along roads in this town. The association itself not only plants trees but assists in their maintenance.

Athenry Tidy Towns Community Tree Planting Project

Adding tree cover and woodland around town for nearly ten years, Athenry Tidy Towns has already planted thousands of trees. This year, they’ll add to that total with Maxol’s contribution of 4,350 more. A busy area, this part of the country is close to the main M6 motorway, between Dublin and Galway. Athenry Tidy Towns works to coordinate planting along roadside embankments and empty corners left bare by development to help create a town that’s greener.

Doing good in more ways than one

Pushing Maxol to over half its committed number of 10,000 trees, planting with these two organisations means more trees throughout the island of Ireland. This commitment, combined with Maxol’s carbon emissions offsetting programme gives back to the environment in more ways than one. Whether you fuel up with Premium fuel, plant a tree on your own, or both, you’re also doing your part to preserve the planet for generations to come.

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Maxol is committed to providing environmentally friendly fuels across its entire network. In order to meet our environmental obligations, we use a variety of suppliers to source our petrol, diesel and their biofuel content. Now that commitment has expanded with the launch of our new 100% offset Premium fuel.

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