Maxol Supports Local Tree Planting Project at the Ulster Folk Museum

Planting trees to give something back to the environment is a great way to connect with nature and do some good, but what if you could create an entire orchard?

This isn’t the kind where apples will grow and farmers will come to pick fruit. Instead, it’s a place where magic will happen.

A home for forever learning

Together with The Conservation Volunteers, Maxol is helping to create the “Faerie” Orchard at the Ulster Folk Museum.

As part of Maxol’s Carbon Neutral Programme, which supports a number of green initiatives, both global and local, this volunteer opportunity ties into Maxol’s commitment to improving Ireland’s communities and the world.

Volunteers from Maxol came to the Ulster Folk Museum to plant a new heritage seed orchard and folklore trail. As the orchard grows, it will become a permanent feature of the museum, creating a perfect spot for cultural education programmes for generations to come.

“Today has been a great opportunity to reconnect with our colleagues and to help build a wonderful new feature at the Ulster Folk Museum,” said Maxol CEO Brian Donaldson. He led the team of Maxol volunteers along with board and family member Noel McMullan.

Working together with The Conservation Volunteers, they began creating a system of willow tunnels and domes which will mask the entrance to the new “Faerie” Orchard.

Committed to supporting Ireland’s local communities  

Planting the new trail is a part of Maxol’s way of supporting Ireland’s local communities. The orchard itself will add to the robust beauty of the Ulster Folk Museum, which presents Ulster as it existed over a century ago. “We’re continuing to make progress towards becoming a more environmentally sustainable company,” said Donaldson.

Simply by fueling up with Maxol Premium Fuel, you’re supporting the Carbon Neutral Programme’s mission to help restore Ireland’s communities.

Working with The Conservation Volunteers

This event isn’t the first time volunteers from Maxol have joined together with The Conservation Volunteers. As a leading environmental charity, The Conservation Volunteers encourages everyone to get involved in caring for the environment. Their work in Northern Ireland takes place through its Native Tree Nursery Project. Located in Clandeboye, the nursery helps preserve the genetic heritage of native Ulster provenance trees.
Maxol volunteers have put time in at the nursery itself to plant trees and learn more about the environmental benefits of native species.













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