Canopy Update: Ballymagowan and Benburb

It’s not about how big a contribution is when you’re helping the environment, but rather how many lives you can impact.

Committed to planting 10,000 trees throughout the island of Ireland, Maxol is spreading its contribution among as many areas as possible. 

This effort, in conjunction with Maxol’s Carbon Neutral Programme, provides two ways to influence positive change for the atmosphere. With environmental projects offsetting emissions for those using Maxol’s Premium Fuel and new trees to eventually help permanently trap carbon dioxide from the air, Maxol takes it local to show we care.

Connecting to local communities

While there are plenty of environmental organisations that think on a large scale throughout Ireland, Maxol has spread out its commitment to planting trees by partnering with several local communities.

Have you seen any organisations hard at work tree planting lately where you live?

Where Maxol is making an impact

Offering locals more serenity and supporting surrounding ecosystems, here’s where Maxol has already been hard at work, digging in the dirt!

Ballymagowan Allotments Group Community Tree Planting Project

Located in County Derry, Maxol will plant 210 trees that will help to create permanent tree cover on and around allotments in Ballymagowan. Focusing on native trees, the new growth will support wildlife, including those pollinators gardeners love, and provide shelter. The Ballymagowan Allotments Group also invites local children to come out and help with plantings while learning about the trees.

Cairde Teo Community Tree Planting Project

Maxol is also planting 260 trees alongside Cairde Teo in a fallow field close to Benburb inCounty Tyrone. The goal is to create diverse habitats across the field, including meadows, tree groups, hedgerow, and an orchard. Each area will help support biodiversity and provide safe spaces for wildlife, especially birds.

Do your part without any effort

Each time you fill up with Maxol’s Premium Fuel, you’re helping offset 100% of the carbon dioxide your car releases into the air. Maxol does this by contributing to certified carbon offset projects around the world.
If you’re interested in doing more, Maxol offers up the opportunity to play an active role in existing tree-planting efforts. Click here to dedicate a tree for yourself or a loved one by naming it. This contribution helps Maxol in its efforts to build protected woodlands across the island of Ireland and gives you a personal connection to the 650 trees Maxol already planted in these local communities.

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Maxol is committed to providing environmentally friendly fuels across its entire network. In order to meet our environmental obligations, we use a variety of suppliers to source our petrol, diesel and their biofuel content. Now that commitment has expanded with the launch of our new 100% offset Premium fuel.

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