A Tree for Every School Child — It’s Easy Treesie

Partner Spotlight – Crann Trees for Ireland

Some may call Ireland the Emerald Isle, but it’s actually missing a lot of one essential type of greenery — trees. Ireland has the lowest tree cover of all European countries. 

To put more trees on the island, organisations like Crann Trees for Ireland got to work. Crann formed in 1986 and today is Ireland’s leading non-profit dedicated to the promotion and protection of trees, hedgerows, and woodlands.

Why trees?

Focusing environmental efforts on planting trees can lead to a variety of positive change. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, helping to purify air. They’re home to thousands of types of insects, birds, mammals, and plants. Trees can even prevent flooding by holding back water and releasing it slowly.

Sharing the importance of trees in order to motivate communities to plant is an important initiative for Crann Trees for Ireland. They work year-round with schoolchildren and local communities across the island. They host special events and tree plantings in addition to producing a magazine twice a year.

The Easy Treesie project

Merging their passion for education and Ireland’s need for trees into an actionable goal, Crann Trees for Ireland launched the Easy Treesie project. The goal is one million trees planted by 2023. The number puts one tree into the ground for each school child across the entire island.

A tree for every student, planted within the local communities, will make a huge impact, but that’s just one piece of the project. Easy Tressie will also help organise schools and youth groups to engage the children to plant many of the trees themselves. This gets young people out in nature, taking action, to make a difference in their own community. The rest of the trees will come through sponsor support.

These trees will join with the numbers of other organisations to meet the UNESCO-backed Plant-for-the-Planet challenge. This world-wide challenge hopes to plant a trillion trees to fight against the climate crisis.

Maxol’s Easy Treesie pledge

A proud sponsor of 500 trees, Maxol is excited to support the Easy Treesie project. The pledge, made as part of our Carbon Neutral Programme, will also help fund school events and educational programs. Giving students an opportunity to participate in this programme not only inspires them to plant trees, but teaches them that, by acting now, they can impact climate change and reduce the damage of fossil fuels. 
Participation also helps Maxol connect with local communities, a huge piece of our Carbon Neutral Programme. By offering 100 percent carbon offset Premium fuel, Maxol is able to help neutralise car emissions for communities across Ireland. To participate, all you have to do is fuel up at a participating Maxol fuel station. We then partner with organisations throughout Ireland to make a difference in the world around you.

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