Millions of People Are Travelling to Ireland’s Forests – Here’s Why

It’s no secret — we’ve all been spending a lot more time at home lately. We might not get to go too far on holidays this year, but Ireland still has so much to offer! Take some time out this summer and discover what’s so magical about the landscape of this country.

From awesome cliffs to volcanic landscapes, massive limestone structures and sacred mountains, there’s more to this country than the kilometers of green. 

To the parks we go

According to Coillte, an organisation maintaining over 440,000 hectares of forests in Ireland, people are taking their outside time seriously. The top 50 forests in the country saw 2.2 million visitors in 2020 between March and December, an increase of 38 percent over the same period in 2019. 

Some of the most popular forests include Monaghan, Kildare, and Wexford, with the Dublin Mountains taking the number one spot. Seen as a local sanctuary, the Dublin Mountains have multiple options to pick from when deciding which forest is your favorite retreat.

Enjoying the benefits of the outdoors

Getting outside can do so much for a person, it’s no wonder our forests are seeing an uptake in visitors. Spending just a short amount of time in nature each day, with the sun shining and the fresh air blowing past, can offer you an opportunity to reset. You can leave your stress at home and boost your sense of wellbeing by getting out among the trees. 

Walking through the woods is also an easy way to get much-needed exercise. Sitting at home all day, whether it’s to work, relax, or spend time with family keeps you immobile. Taking some time outside allows you a way to stay healthy.

Did you know that getting out for some daily fresh air can really help maintain one’s health? Being outside can lead to lower blood pressure, a better heart rate, improved digestion, and more. 

Looking after the trees and the air you breathe

To keep the environment across Ireland in such a usable state takes a lot of work. Forests must be cared for and maintained, but we can also do our part to ensure our air stays at least as fresh as it is today.

We are doing our part across Ireland and Northern Ireland through our Carbon Neutral Programme. By simply filling up with our Premium fuel, you offset the carbon footprint of your car’s emissions by 100 percent. For every litre of Premium fuel used, we calculate the carbon emissions and then invest in certified carbon offset projects and local initiatives to neutralise the impact.

This all happens thanks to the inspiring partners we work with in our community. Partnerships with non-profit organisations let us bring our support into your backyard. We want to do our part to keep your favourite forest thriving, it’s one-way Maxol puts their customers first and contributes to the sustainability of our home.

Where’s your favorite place to wander about outside?

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