Refresh Your Cleaning Routine With These Sustainable Alternatives

After a stuffy, cold winter, and not so bright spring, it is time to refresh your house with a big clean in time for the summer. This year, stay away from harsh chemicals and use cleaning products and methods that are safe for your family and eco-friendly. Here are 4 summer cleaning tips that can give your efforts a breath of fresh air:

Replace old cleaning supplies with non-toxic alternatives

Some of the best green cleaning supplies are very simple, yet effective and can be made from ingredients in your cabinets. Many homemade cleaners contain basic kitchen ingredients such as lemon juice, baking soda and vinegar. Alternatively, several brands now provide reusable or refillable cleaners with non-toxic ingredients. Take the first step toward a clean, green home this summer!

Recycle clothes to make cleaning rags

Instead of throwing away old, tattered clothes, use them to make cleaning rags. When they are not in good enough condition to donate, old clothes will make an excellent substitute to clean hard surfaces and minimise waste from paper towels.

Compost and recycle your disposables

Although many items you’ll be throwing away during your summer cleaning will not be suitable for recycling, it is important to be mindful of your compostable waste, such as unwanted food, dead flowers, and certain paper items. By excluding these compostable items from your general waste, you are allowing for natural decomposition to work its magic to create a great natural fertiliser for your home garden or potted plants! If you are unsure of what is suitable for composting and recycling, check out an online guide to get started.

Research before you buy

Before buying a replacement item such as light bulbs or air fresheners, research that item first. Many household items have sustainable alternatives that can save you money and benefit the planet. Here are examples of alternatives to keep in mind:

  • LED Light bulbs: These last much longer and use less energy than traditional fluorescent light bulbs, which keeps waste out of the landfills and saves you money on electricity.
  • Natural air-fresheners and homemade candles: Consider making your own room spray from essential oils, or making homemade candles with simple, natural ingredients.
  • Secondhand or homemade furniture and decor: Purchasing secondhand furniture/decor or making your own is not only cheaper, but also better for the environment, and gives you an opportunity to add something to your home that is truly unique. Consult your local antique shops or artisans to get their expertise on what you need.

Infuse some green in your cleaning routine with these easy and simple tips. Your home will feel refreshed, and you will feel proud of your eco-friendly, responsible choices.

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