Maxol Volunteers Plant 250 Native Trees in Shankill Co. Dublin

Did you know that Ireland, with less than 12 percent of the land covered in trees has the lowest tree cover across Europe with the exception of Malta and the Netherlands? Not only do trees absorb harmful carbon dioxide, but they also release oxygen, mute harsh city noises, and provide relaxing shade. For these reasons and many more, Maxol is proud to support local organisations to host tree planting events across Ireland.

Rooted in Ireland’s local communities, Maxol’s Carbon Neutral Programme not only helps plant more trees across the island, but it allows you to offset your fuel emissions by 100 percent with the purchase of Maxol Premium fuel.

Recently, working with Crann-Trees for Ireland, Easy Treesie, and Shankill Tidy Towns, Maxol helped plant 250 trees in parkland at Shankill, County Dublin. These native species, including Scots Pine, Alder, Common, and Silver Birch will all help improve the effectiveness of the shelter belt in Shankill. They will mitigate noise from roads and provide shelter to both people and wildlife using the park. These saplings are part of a total of 1,000 native trees being added to the local canopy in 2023.

Volunteers from Maxol came out to assist in the planting here as part of their larger effort to help children and local community members better enjoy the nature around them.

Maxol’s Support for Planting Initiatives

Maxol is proud to support the Easy Treesie – Crann project, which is working on a Plant-for-the-Planet Challenge – to plant one million trees across the island of Ireland, with Ireland’s one million schoolchildren and their communities. Crann -Trees for Ireland, is a registered charity which focuses on education, tree planting, and bringing awareness to the importance of nature and trees.

Crann also supports the ‘Trees for All’ tree-planting project which was first established to plant one tree for every resident in different villages around the country.  This project started in the village of Shankill, Co. Dublin where a total of 13,242 trees were planted, one for each resident with even more being added year by year.

Taking sustainability to the trees and beyond

Fueling up with Maxol’s Premium fuel programme is a way to neutralise carbon emissions from those cars running on Premium fuel during the transition to cleaner energy, but it also supports the environment in other ways. Maxol funds local community-wide environmental projects and has already planted 10,000 trees in Ireland since 2020. We look forward to watching our trees grow as we play our small part in making positive change.

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